The Pauper And The Princess

And the poetic naan-sense continues :P

Was it all a mistake, or was she indeed his life-saver?
How could he think of someone as ethereal as her!
The pauper can only dream of palaces beyond;
But alas! For him, there is no magic wand.

Her beauty was exquisite, her elegance resplendent,
A commoner’s praise could only be an affront
As she waved out to the thronging multitude;
He stayed away from the plaza, self-curfewed.

Blighted by the force of the stream, he flowed on,
What is ephemeral is not there, ‘twas long gone
Beyond the borders, the shadows lay waiting;
His plight, their opportunity; they tried baiting.

He took a pledge of not falling to the dark side,
He’d be the soldier, the person whom to confide
Honor and integrity would mark his actions;
He’d be strong and deep like the canyons.

Come rain, storm or hail,
He’d remain there for her
The rock to build on, the friend to call;
I’d be there for you.

Faces and Names

I'm feeling particularly poetic aajkal for some godforesaken reason.
Here goes the next poem then (hopefully won't be a torture):

In the nights, someone calls out to me,
I shout ‘Hark!’ Who may you be?
The face is new, the name is old;
And I am left standing, cold!

The gates open, memories flood in,
I’m moving on, is looking back a sin?
Why do past and present entangle;
Do complicate matters, my mind they mangle!

The shadows chase me, calling out my name,
I cower, hiding in the shadows, behind my shame
Wanted posters mock me, crying foul;
Making me wonder; am I human or ghoul!

Faces without names and names without faces,
They cross over without leaving any traces
I fight a battle that is lost, one that is futile;
I must complete the sentence, my solitary exile.

My Swinging Carousel

The lights have been turned down,
I’m the only one left in circus town
The neighbors revel in their carousal;
While I drive my swinging carousel.

People come, ride and go,
Giddy with adrenaline, they stagger out
While I prepare for the next show;
Bound by the dream that lies without.

The stars in the distance fade away,
As the dark night turns into day
The clowns troop in pantomime;
The show starts again, leaving me begrime.

The end of the day, the clowns are gone,
The lights dim again, waiting for the next dawn
One light remains, maintaining a lone vigil;
Driving my life, my swinging carousel.