Losing my Religion: A review

I’m not a huge fan of Rock music, so the title did not ring a bell with me as it was supposed to. But the author clarifies it within the first few chapters.

‘Losing My Religion’ is the story of Rishi, a failed entrepreneur who feels washed up and de-energised, thereby tapping into a potential market of millions of would-be entrepreneurs and corporate employees who are struggling with their work and passions.

Vishwas Mudagal is a first-time writer who has experienced these things for himself before turning to writing, so a lot of experiences and instances in the story seem to be inspired from his own life.
The story is chequered in terms of content; sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes natural, sometimes unbelievable; but then, that’s what life is too.

It’s a good one-time read, perfect for a journey. I give it 3 out of 5.